AlumXi Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association of Xi Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi will be held at 253 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA 02116 on Saturday, February 11th 2017 at 7:22 PM. Call-in information will be distributed via e-mail.

The following slate of five candidates have been nominated via our on-line election process:

Rob Calhoun ’90
Colleen Josephson ’13
Avril Kenney ’11
David Lawrence ’14
Andrew Sudbury ’93

They will stand for election to three-year terms ending in 2020 at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

AlumXi Elections

Welcome to election month. In addition to the US Presidential election, there is also a super important election for AlumXi board members. The ballot will be open from Nov. 22 to Dec 6. You should receive a link to vote via email the day voting opens. We have 8 great candidates running for 5 slots; please check out their running platforms in the email.

Moving to Static Content

This website runs WordPress, which is a very popular blogging engine. The problem with WordPress is that it is also very popular to hack. Hence why this website has been down for a few months.

To get out of the hacker amusement business, we are switching to a static-content site where we pre-generate html that is then served with nginx.

Upside: speed! stability! security!
Downside: Interactivity comparable to the internet circa 1997.

So, if you want interactivity, join Tep Xi Chapter group on facebook.

IniXiation 2016

Well, it is a sad state of affairs that we haven’t posted anything in a year, but get ready for…

IniXiation 2016!

IniXiation 2016 will tke place on Saturday February 13 at 2:22pm at 253 Commonwealth Avenue (Boston’s Champs-Élysées) Boston, MA

Agenda (subject to change)
2:22pm: Coffee Hour
3:22pm: TEP National Ceremony
4:22pm: Xi Ceremony
5:22pm: Dinner at house
7:22pm: Alumni Association meeting (all dues-paying alumni welcome)

The Alumni Association meeting should be brief.  If you did not receive the newsletter, feel free to ask us directly for more details by e-mailing execcomm at

Get excited for Initiation 2015!

Initiation 2015 is less than a week away! Hooray! Initiation takes place on Saturday February 7 at 2:22pm.

2:22pm: Coffee Hour
3:22pm: TEP National Ceremony
4:22pm: Xi Ceremony
5:22pm: Dinner at house
7:22pm: Alumni Association meeting (all dues-paying alumni welcome)

ALSO: Alumni Squids is at 9:22pm on Friday 2/6, the night before initiation. Join us if you can!

The Alumni Association meeting should be brief.  The orders of business and remote dial-in instructions will be included in the February newsletter (sent on 2/1). If you did not receive the newsletter, feel free to ask us directly for more details by e-mailing execcomm at

Where your donation dollars go

Your donations have supported a number of crucial projects that have put us on the way to restoring the beautiful and historic 253 Commonwealth Ave. We are finally beginning to catch up on years of deferred maintenance, thanks to your continued support.

This is a brief overview of how your donation dollars have helped recently. All of these projects were funded by undergraduate housebills and donations (some, like the bathrooms, were financed up front using low-interest IRDF loans). More photos can be found on our Alumxi Flickr.

  • Bathroom renovation
  • Front door restoration
  • Replacement of old common area carpet
  • Milk crate land door replacement
  • Emergency repairs of ancient heating system (to be replaced by new HVAC in 2015, finances allowing)
  • Roof deck certification process
  • New sprinkler system, as required by BFD/ISD
  • Replacement of failing washers and dryers

Future plans:

  • New HVAC system
  • 5th floor bathroom renovation (not included in 2014 bathroom project)
  • Repair of aging windows

TEP Crock 2014

The Crock will take place at 7:22pm EST on Sunday 9/7.


We plan to live stream the event via YouTube here:

Or check out the embedded viewer below:

YouTube defaults to a countdown. Once we have the stream set up from 253 closer to the start time, you’ll start seeing video/sound.

We will also be e-mailing the link out, but feel free to bookmark this page if you want to quickly get to the stream day-of.

2014 Donation Drive

We would like to raise $22,222! Please consider making a donation to the Alumni Association of Xi Chapter today!

253 Commonwealth Ave has incurred a lot of unexpected expenses this year due to unavoidable fire and safety upgrades demanded by the Boston Fire Department and Boston Inspectional Department. Your past donations have been very helpful, funding things like a thorough Fire Safety report by Code Red, the installation of crash bars on the front doors, and hiring an architect to get our roofdeck re-certified. The large number of unexpected expenses has strained AlumXi accounts, though, so we would like to raise $22,222 so we have money for any additional emergency expenses that might come our way since we’re not off the hook from the ISD and BFD yet.

Please note that this drive is really just a small push to bring the AlumXi accounts back up to a comfortable level. We are starting a larger campaign in 2015 to start paying back our loans used to build the bathrooms and the future sprinkler system overhaul. Undergraduate housebills will, of course, also be going towards paying back the loans. These large maintenance projects are funded by a joint effort between alumni and undergraduates.

We just wanted to give you all a heads up about why we will be asking for money again next year. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding!